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About E-Z Riser Stair Guide

We are introducing an exciting new and useful tool, made right here in the United States by E-Z Riser Inc. The Stair Stringer Guide is a unique and specially made tool and its purpose is to provide a more efficient, faster, and simpler method in which 2x12 stair stringers for a staircase are laid out ready for final cutting. The Stair Stringer Guide has been designed not only for the more experienced carpenters, but also may be used by steel fabricators, concrete specialists, or even the unskilled craftsman. Engaging in a backyard or inside the home project.

The Stair Stringer Guide has been equipped with the following special features such as an adjustable rise and an adjustable tread, allowing user to set and secure the Stair Stringer Guide to the desired calculated dimensions of the rise and run of your stairs. The rise of the Stair Stringer Guide can be adjusted from a 6 measurement to a 7 measurement by 1/16 increments. The tread can be adjusted from a measurement of 9 to accommodate a 2x10 tread and extends to a measurement of 11 1/8 which accommodates a 2x12 tread, also any measurement between 9 and 11 1/8 may be fixed and secured to that exact measurement.

Our Stair Stringer Guide will be accompanied by a complete booklet of instructions which gives user a step by step illustration of how to determine the rise of your staircase. Also illustrated is the method in which the tool is placed and moved along material for layout. We are certain the Stair Stringer Guide will be a hit with skilled & unskilled craftsman alike. Once again we will provide each tool with a complete set of instructions resulting in a more accurate set of stairs.


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